Poems on Sunday

But somehow I loved you

I didn’t trust you

But somehow I loved you

I saw the red flags

And choose to be color blind

I wanted it to work

Therefore I was always in denial

It was bad,fun, happy, then sad

Now it’s over,now I’m glad

Poems on Sunday

Game day 🏈

Super Bowl Sunday is here today

Football, red, yellow, white, ready to play

The Chiefs the Niners on the field

First down, touchdown,what a thrill

But who will, the team that makes the most points

Some come on team, loosen up those joints

Run the ball, catch the ball, give me some defense

I’m ready to watch, excited to see, let the game commence

Tumultuous Thursday


She already knew the answer before the question was asked

Therefore she stayed quiet and kept her mind on other task

But she thought about the future because the past haunted her

Surly she would do better tomorrow wouldn’t be a blur

The answer was to move on, and believe in herself

There was no point in asking a question, there was nothing left

Poems on Sunday

In real life

In real life, I loved him

and hated him all at once

He played games with my mind

the deceit went on for months

In real life, I looked forward to seeing him and dreaded his return

Appreciating the peace, unsure of his mindset, keeping my sanity upturned

In real life, I’m glad it’s over and relieve has washed over me

Today I feel peace and joy and sweet serenity.

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Tumultuous Thursday


There where thousands of smiles

Hundreds of hand holding moments

The illusion of love was meant to be seen

But look closer to her eyes and you will see

Her lover was not her hero, no he was her enemy

Everyone had been right,

Everyone knew he was right

He wasn’t good, only she couldn’t see.

Love can blind you sometimes, and you will easily be deceived

Poems on Sunday


Laughing, crying, happy, and sad

Feeling like the weather, cloudy and bad

Blowing winds with anger, then rainbows in the sky

I’m smiling, I’m happy then boom,my eyes I can’t seem to keep them dry

I feel a storm brewing inside of me

I hope it’s not a hurricane, tornado, just something windy

So emotional, I am, trying to sooth the turmoil anyway I can

Tumultuous Thursday


Collecting my composure,money and time

I need to make things right,calm my mind

Take a deep breath, look and actually see

Collecting my thoughts allows me to be me

Puts me at ease, with no troubles in the world

Relaxing, smiling, enjoying life, ahh I missed this girl

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Poems on Sunday


Start,at first, right now

The beginning

This is where it will all happen

Somewhere, to someone, perhaps for you

The question is, do you run away or run to

The future, your life, from your past, then reach for the sky

Whatever your answer think fast then go

Only you can answer the questions to life’s unknown

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Happy New Years Poem

Happy New Years

Start the new year right

With the blessing of 2020 sight

No more guessing what to do

Your sight is clear, oh the view

Therefore cast your worries and fears

For today my friend is New Years

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Ten word poem Tuesday


Attack then leave

Attack then leave

Play dumb

Start again

This will only make sense to you if you ever dated a narcissist

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Poems on Sunday

At least

At least you knew where we stood

I always tried to make it work when I could

I gave it my all, practically everything I had

But no matter what I did, it always made you mad

I think I loved you more than you deserved

It want happen again, on that you have my word

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