Am I alone here?My children watch other people on Youtube play video games

Okay I must admit….I am not that familiar with technology,I don’t do too much social media.No I don’t do snap chat, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever else is out there. I pretty much like to write. Part of that is to get a lot of stuff of my chest, and to express myself even if no one else reads my blog there is a part of me that feels better knowing “I put my two cents in.”

I grew up in the time of the first Nintendo, and the first probably the only Atari, and the Sega. First  we had the Atari and this game called Asteroids. We were allowed to play at night.Which was fine to me. In the day time I wanted to be outside playing if I wasn’t in school. And even when I was in school I wanted to be outside playing.

Later on as I got older (still in younger teenage years) I still wanted to be outside because I enjoyed playing sports.However my younger sisters they did not like to play outside. You see, mom, (aka Santa Clause),bought them a Nintendo for Christmas. After the Nintendo they had to  be forced to go outside.

Today I have children ages 5 and 8. I try to make them go outside as often as I can. They are always so bored so quick outside. If given the chance they would watch yes I as say watch on YouTube all day someone else play a game. I mean when I was young the only time I watched someone play a game was because I called to play next and if I didn’t want to get skipped by. I don’t understand this need to watch other people play.

Then on the other hand I find myself defending my children when other people come over and see them watching other people play video games. I get this strange look like “are they watching people play a game?” I use to get real defensive because it was weird and I did not want to think my children are weird. So I responded  by saying,  “I’ts no different  than watching The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, or Family Freud.” And that makes me feel better.

Does anybody else kids do this?  I’m just saying

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