When You Know

I grew up in the south,Alabama to be exact. My neighborhood was mostly blacks and older whites. Country living at its highest.We had chickens, horses, and hunting dogs. In case I didn’t mention it we were not your typical black TV family. You know the kind portrayed on TV,  inner city families  with no dad and drugs everywhere. Mom and dad where married and my mom stayed at home while my dad worked everyday. On the weekends he and a bunch of his hunting buddies (which included men both black and white) would go hunting. In fact as I write this blog I am keenly aware that it is almost time for bow season to began.

Dad hunted for the sport and because his kills provided us with food and an extra form of income. Sometimes people paid him to take them hunting. Yes he was just that good. We were around so many different people of so many different races it never occurred to me that people could hate you becasue of the color of your skin. Something you have no control over, but I digress.Of course by the time I was sixth grade I learned a little when mom made us stay at home on Martin Luther King Day. And the next day when we came to school the kids reminded us that we were at white house fork elementary and not black house fork.

There where not many more encounters of that sort until I went into the military, which I will save for another time. A little over seven years I served for my country.Deployed to UAE (United Arab Emirates) after the bombing of our ship, deployed to Kuwait, stationed in Turkey, I was one of the few women that was in Security Forces. I have faced many challenges but none as crazy as when I finally decided to move back home after the military.

I was excited about getting out and seeing my family and being back in a place I felt safe and love. My aunt sold me a piece of land at family cost and I built a small house. My neighbor bless his soul was just really getting settle on the lot beside my land. At the time I did not know he was a confederate lover. I learned that soon after I built my small house. He soon built up his land with an old cannon,a confederate statue,and flag to boot.Jack wanted to make the land a confederate camp site or something. Talk about uncomfortable

My neighbor  Jack has past,yet his girlfriend  has taken over the property I spoke with her a couple days ago because she now wishes to sell the property. No she doesn’t want me to buy the property(I know this becasue as we talked I mentioned  possibly buying the property  two times and both times she pretended not to hear me),she wanted to talk to me about the RV she had for sale and thought my aunt would want to purchase it.

At that moment I felt like Jerry Seinfeld when he wanted to buy the suit out of spite. I had this intense need   to buy the property out of spite. I mean I really love where the property is and the fact that it would be back in the family would help. My family owned that property  before.But I can’t afford for it for  real. Imagine living in your old neighborhood that now has a flag displaying  the love of the old south.

When you know your neighbor embraces hate yet you still try to get along when them. When you know you tried to do everything  right from the time you or born and people still treat you like an second class citizen. How can you make it right?

Not many people will see my blog and those of you who see it will not understand  the purpose  of it. And for the most part I write it for myself just so I can get these crazy things that run around in my head. And I always feel the need to say something about a lot of things. But by chance if you read this blog  thank you for reading it. Tell other people about. I want to encourage  people to see other people views.I was thinking about starting a go fund me account to help me . Not sure if I would ever have enough people to donate. And I don’t know why I would think people would want to donate.

Just saying

Tell me what you think

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