Chasing the moon

TONIGHT......Supermoon is a spectacular sight! The upcoming supermoon - on Monday, Nov. 14 - will be especially "super" because it's the closest full moon to Earth since 1948. We won't see another supermoon like this until 2034. The moon's orbit around Earth is slightly elliptical so sometimes it is closer and sometimes it's farther away. When the moon is full as it makes its closest pass to Earth it is known as a supermoon. At perigree - the point at which the moon is closest to Earth.

I will start this blog off by admitting I am left handed. To say that according to my mom is admitting that I am backwards. I tend to think that I don’t think like other people do. I think way more than outside of the box. I tend to think in circles that surround a box. Perhaps I am  loosing you here. Give me a minute will you. Somewhere in my mind all things come together. Okay okay where am I going with this.Okay here goes

You would have to have been pretty much away from everything moving in order to know that only a couple of days ago there was this big hullabaloo about the mega millions. The very idea that a person could become an instant almost millionaire perhaps even a billionaire made people crazy. There were lines miles long across america of people spending thousands of dollars in hopes of becoming filthy  rich instantly. In California alone there were more than 500 tickets sold per second. People truly believed that they could possibly be the next billionaire, millionaire, next winner. Right

My questions why do so many of us believe that we could easily be the next billionaire but were never believe we can be the next person to get addicted to drugs. Why don’t we believe the school our child goes to could be the place of the next school shooting. Why don’t we think something bad will ever happen to us.I mean truthfully I’m sure the odds would be about the same as winning the lottery. Hell the odds may be greater , yet we still believe we can win the lottery, so much so that we put money on it.

Just think if we put as much enthusiasm as we do in winning the lottery,in being healthy and keeping our children safe the world would be a better place. No make no  mistake.I don’t want people to loose their since of belief and the ability to dream. There is nothing wrong with chasing the moon, because sometimes the problems comes when you actually catch it. I’m just saying

People tell me of things you chased your whole life only to get it and regret it.




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