Not living by the rules.

"To be taken with love for a soul, God does not look on its greatness, but on the greatness of its humility."~St. John of the Cross

Just a thought. Why is it that the Nuns and Priest who want to force a particular concept on people are the same people not living by this concept. I will not claim to have read all of the bible, but I have looked for the part that states that a man should remain without sex to be closer to God. I have not found it anywhere.  Where does it come from and why do many priest not follow that rule FOR REAL. These are the people who do not believe in birth control. Probably because they are constantly sleeping with other men or molesting young boys and girls while still professing  their love of God. Hence no need for birth control.

Then there is the nuns which are often described as mean and abusive,not all of them. But do we really no what they are doing when no one else is around. We assume they are doing the right thing. Yet I am sure we made the same assumption about the priest.

Theses are people who are suppose to worship and love God but they have only shown they worship God when we see them and  just maybe they worship lust when the door are closed. Why are we following the rules/laws of people who only follow them when we see them.

Some Christians say they hate abortions so they tend to lean right. Make know mistake I do not believe that when a woman decides to have an abortion it is an easy choice. Most likely harder than making a decision to molest a child over and over and over again. No these two things are not the the same. But often one is forgiving while the other is frowned upon so much so that the woman is commended to hell.

What I do know about the bible is God gave us ten commandments and not just one. And the same people that only remember one are the same ones who think it is ok to kill someone for stand your ground or whatever reason they can justify in their head when a person on color, black or brown is killed. This could be for something as simple as getting a wallet out of your pocket (dead) walking home at night(dead) music to loud (dead)The Amateur Writer: Ten Commandments Printable

This does not say Christians to me, instead it says I can pick and choose which command makes me feel good never mind the rest. Please tell me what you think and where I got things wrong. Better yet someone explain to me the celibacy thing with priest and nuns.

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