Every week the school is asking for__________________.

need copy paper,ink,markers,


Here it is November 2018 and already I sent so much money for various request to my children’s teachers. Yet this month they are still asking for more.This month alone they have pizza day,skate day, send copy paper becasue we are low day,  ink for the printer day,fun run day(to raise money for the school day),Spirit Night day( any child that goes to the designated  and bring in receipt the school gets a portion). Also this month the class room mom is sending home envelope  for the parents to donate money for the teachers gift. And a list of her favorite things is being sent home so that if possible we can just purchase the gift for the teacher and send it to school for the teacher.

It like it never ends, the need for money. I love my children’s teachers all of them. The very idea that they are teachers is very honorable to me. I think I would go a lot crazy if I had to be around so many children ALL day. Teachers GOD BLESS YOU ALL. I just want to know where is the money going. I am not asking you. I believe  you ask the same questions. Perhaps I am complaining to deaf ears. Every so many years we are asked to pay more on property tax and a .1 cent sales tax. Where is it going? Yeah more schools are being built but the supplies for the school(computers,paper, ink, etc…)

Teachers we want to help but we can only do so much. I’m just saying. Anyone else face this problem>





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