What are you waiting for?(Pre-New Year’s Resolution)

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The closer it gets to Thanksgiving and Christmas I think about the joy of having my family home and all the fun we will have. Yet somewhere in the back of my mind I have a nagging feeling of all the money I will spend and all the food I will be eating.Two things that will definitely break the my bank account and my diet. So I’ve decided that I will not wait to start on a New Year’s Resolution I will start it now. I mean,why not?

We know that New Year’s Resolution are normally already broken within the first week of the year, probably because we don’t see results. But if you start now by the beginning of the year you will be very motivated to keep it going.

So over the next couple of blogs I will go over some of the tricks and tips I  have use to kick off my Pre-New Year’s Resolution. I will talk about money, dieting, weight loss,  and beauty (adult acne) just to name a few. So stay tuned. Let me know what tips you use and what really works.

Let’s get started! I mean Why Wait? I’m just saying.

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