Treat it like an addiction (Pre-New Years workout)

30 Day Walking Exercise

I must admit, I do not smoke, drink, nor do I do any type of drug but I have been around people who do or have done all of the above. And the one thing I notice about these people is complete dedication  to there addiction. Make no mistake I know that no one wants to be addicted to drugs or alcohol and some of you who read this may become angry at what I say. So in advance I will say that I am sorry and I do not mean to offend anyone. This is only my observation. I notice that people that smoke find every opportunity they can to smoke.

Examples :  After parking the car and walking en route to where ever. They smoke. Before leaving the house, they smoke. Before going or coming anywhere ,they smoke. If they can’t smoke in the house they will stand outside in the rain, snow, extreme heat, extreme cold, you name a smoker will do what ever it takes to get that cigarette.

I used tis pin because the main character tends to have this habit but will stop doing it to hold peoples privacy

Suppose you had that same enthusiasm  to get in shape, to loose weight, to look beautiful, to__________________________(fill in the blank) like a person with an addiction. It has to start somewhere. Last week I ask you to start drinking more water. Drink it when you first wake up, before you eat, after you eat,  before you go to bed. If you are doing this you should already see a difference in your skin and feel it your body.

This week start moving. Walk, ride a bike, run, do something everyday for 10 minutes. And when you are finish drink water. Drink lots of water cause you deserve it. Treat your health like an addiction.

Good luck everyone trying to be better.  Tell me what you do to get healthy

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