When nothing is working


I wanted to come on here wanted talk about all the weight I have lost from all the walking and drinking water I have been doing. But I can’t. I have walked almost everyday at least three miles.Walking for sometimes more than an hour. I’m short. I have a pedometer and my phone and I’m walking and eating less. And nothing. No weight loss. I’m drinking 72 ounces or more of water daily eating less and walking despite having a bad hip  and bad knee(old military wounds).I had blood work done thinking surly my hormones are all over the place. Everything is fine except my vitamin D2 levels which are very low.

People this is quite depressing. Have any of you ever tried to loose weight and nothing seemed to work. Tell me your story. I’m gonna keep at it. The walks are nice but I wanna see results. Its been 3 weeks and nothing. Not even one pound. Uugh , so I’m out for now. I’ll let you know if I start seeing results. But someone out there please give me some great tips, because clearly mine are not working.

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