Agree To It And See What Happens

So I have this friend (not me) that people like to call gay. Not that anything is wrong with it. As far as I know he is not gay.Again not that anything is wrong with it. Anyways in order to cut an argument short about his sexuality  if someone accuses him of being gay his response is, “Perhaps”.  This stops an argument dead in its tracks. If you are a certain way, gay, racist, fat,skinny, pretty ,ugly, wrong, right, etc. What happens if you admit to it.

Think about it. If people call you a racist what happens if you respond with “perhaps?” If it is a problem you are working on admitting  may help you get out of that crux in your life.

Make no mistake I have seen this work for me as well, no not being a racist or gay,not that anything is wrong with it (the gay part that is), but with other things in life.Prime example my mom  snores when she sleeps. I means she is so loud my daughter once thought we had a wild animal in the house. She has even woken herself from her loud snoring complaining that she kept hearing strange noises. Yet when we pointed out to her that she was the one making the strange loud noises it turned into a 30 disagreement on why it could not be her and that surly the noise she heard was coming from the loud t.v.  Later I feel asleep on the same couch and when awoke my mom then accused me of snoring. My reply, “That sounds about right I was tired I  must snore when I am sleep so I want argue with you because I am not sure what I do in my sleep becasue I am sleep.” She was not happy with this response. But oh well I was in no mood to argue about what I did when I was sleep, because I was sleep. And what harm would it have caused me for her to be right about me snoring in my sleep.

Ok people I want you to agree  with someone, try it for a week,a day, or with just some random stranger and let me know how it went.

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