Week 2 Challenge: Do something nice for someone of the opposite race.

I had walked to the local PX the purchase some much needed items. After placing all my items on the conveyor belt and watching the cashier ring them up I reached in my purse for my check book. Yes the check book was there but No Checks. I was only 19 and completely embarrassed. I know some of you are reading this and wondering why was I writing a check, at that time that was all we had to use for money. If we needed cash we could go to the bank inside of the PX and write a check otherwise you are pretty much limited to cash money no ATM . Anyways the cashier stood looking at me as I am sure my face turned red and I became unnaturally hot. I started stammering my words and making promises to run to my dorm and get my new check book. And asking her to please not put this stuff up because I really needed it. Then I voice behind me says, “I’ll get it.” And I turned around and there was Lt. Wadd offering to pay for my stuff. I was embarrassed and shocked, yet I thanked him a hundred times and later I paid him back.

Today If I am in line and I see the person ahead of me needing a little help I never hesitate. Be someone help this week.

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