Week 3 Challenge: Stop faking it

fake money image from Pinterest

Why do we feel the need to fake our life for other people. Why do we always need to prove to someone else our life is “perfect”. Think about how often have you retaken a photo just to look the right way. Even if you get a thousand likes someone will always give you that thumbs down. If you feel sad say you’re sad. If the picture is not prefect then that is ok. Remember some one is always going to give you a thumbs down on even your best of anything and that has nothing to do with you. So why fake it. There is something really sad about a person that tries all day to impress who? Be happy with what you truly have and strive to get the things you really what. But don’t fake til you make because in the end you are only hurting yourself. I’m just saying

Stay positive, try to be happy,

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