Don’t believe the hype

Every day we are shown snippets of a story and are told to be outraged. We are never shown the entire story just enough to make us angry and more divided. The sad thing is, we always believe the worst. We always jump to conclusion,myself included. I jump to wrong conclusion often. Sometimes when more of a story is given after I have jumped to the wrong conclusion I still refuse to believe the truth when it is starring me right in the face.

I wonder am I like that because we are so often shown the worse of anything, which in turn makes us believe the worse first. Think about it.The need to be outraged is outrageous. It is like something in us needs to feel good about ourselves so we look for the worse in other people. And the news doesn’t help. We are being lied to with half truths, and manipulated everyday by our own president (yes he lies and you know it) and the news.

The news will only give of partial statistics or if necessary go back as far as they need to make there story appear worse than what it really is. And our need to know what is going on in the world only brings us to the same people who wants us in uproar to give them more news to talk about.

People we need to stop jumping to conclusion,myself included. Stop giving the instigators the attention they are seeking by giving you only part of a story. I mean have you every just read the first or last page of a book and not the middle and simply just guest the rest of the story.

Don’t believe the hype of this much hate. We are better than this. We have to be. Anyways Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Peace,Love, Subscribe, Follow, and Thank You

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