Stop Saying He Caved

Before I start it is important that I point out I am not a Trump fan. He is very fascinating in a train wreck kinda of way, and I do not like all the lies, nor do I like his blunt racism, bigotry, divisiveness, I could go on, but many of you already know this and don’t care.

Right now Donald Trump has chose to compromise and the media wants to paint him as being weak. I know, I know, I know he has done this to himself. Yet this is the reason he did not want to bend the knee as Khalessi would say. I mean people are back to work and soon getting their paychecks. It is not lost on me that he caused all of this. Watching all of this unfold reminds me of the show Deal or No Deal. When a person thinks they can get a better deal they refuse the deal made by the banker. In the end most of the contestant always regret the deal the made in the end because it is always lower.

I’m sure Trump thought he could bully his way to a better deal and he did not want to hear people say he is a wimp, wuss, he blinked,he chickened out, it was all for nothing. Remember the government is now open. But trust me if people (the media,social and the news) keep reminding him that he caved (and this is done all for ratings at the cost of our economy and lively hood) he will not compromise the next time.

I know, I know, I know if the shoe was on the other foot he would never let the Democrats live it down. And Pelosi you did a grrrreat job and thank you. But please do not go boasting. Most boxers, football players, hell most
athletes will praise the formidable opponent , perhaps she should do that.

Make no mistake, no Democrats still do not want to pay for a wall, and no a fence is not the same thing. You do not build a house with a fence. I’m just saying.

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