Total Recall=Money in the trash

People this post is really just for me to get this anger off my chest so I can say I put my two cent in or that I did say something to everybody and nobody at the same time. But here goes. Over the last year I honestly can not tell you how many food, dog included we have had recalled. I mean don’t get me wrong I know the FDA is suppose to be looking out for our safety, I think I just need someone to direct my anger to. What I am getting at is this:I spend all this money on food and then the News Broadcasters tell me to just throw it in the trash. Just like that. I mean I don’t want to get sick but after throwing away almost five to ten items a week it starts getting expensive. Why can’t I take it back to the store and get a refund. Maybe ,just maybe if we start bringing in enough bad food and demanding a refund stores will stop selling us this toxic stuff to begin with. Lets start it now #refundonrecalledfood. Okay I’m through venting. Anybody notice this problem. I’m just saying

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