If your life where a movie

If your life where a movie would you be embarrassed or proud? Would it be an action, drama, thriller, maybe even a musical. I want you to think about this question a lot. And remember as with all movies there is a lot of editing that is done before we see it. Even then sometimes we are not happy with the entire outcome of even our favorite movie. While you still have the chance try to make your life like the movie you have complete control of. I know we are real people and not a movie, but there is something to think about, if you could watch your life played out on a screen. What could you do to make your life (movie) better now. The editing could be the drugs you need to leave alone, the bad relationship that is going nowhere,the over spending, the lying, the cheating, the drinking, all of that could be edited out now, if you only start making the cuts now.

Just something to think about. Tell me people what would you edit out.

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