Week 6 Challenge: Do not believe a lie because it sounds good

The need to believe a lie can be strong especially during trying times. When everything is falling apart, when the sun has not shone for years,the winter is cold, there is no job on the horizon, the bills need to be paid, when he keeps coming home late, it is hard not to believe a lie because we need to believe.

You know that feeling you get after you get the call about a job and you go in and give that great interview and they tell you that they are going to call you and they never do. Don’t you wish they would say right there on the spot, “No I think we can find someone better.” than letting you walk out of that interview thinking you got a job. Leading you on with a false smile (a lie)

This happens in relationships everyday, we believe our partner when they say they are going to try to do better. “I want do that again,” and they do it again and again always saying that they try.

If nothing else rings true to you in this blog remember this , actions speak louder than words. Anyone can promise you a good life everyday, but what are they doing to make it happen except saying the words.

What have you been lied to about and you believed everyday? My ex promised everyday that he would try to stop drinking. He realized as long as he said the words he didn’t have to stop. Don’t be like me.

May you learn to believe the truth

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