How many red flags do we need?

How many red flags do we need?

Have you watched something on TV or saw something happen in your friends’ dating/married life and you think to yourself, “I would never let that happen to me.” Or you find yourself saying,”I would never be that dumb.” I have , and I can tell you this…None of those people that end up in precarious situations ever think they are going to end up where they are. In my case I saw many red flags yet I choose to ignore them because of love. There was a part of me that thought I could love my X enough to stop him from drinking and being irresponsible.

Boy was I wrong. I wanted the relationship to work because somewhere inside I needed it to work. I think he knew that. He knew he only needed to say he would stop the drinking and the partying and I would stop the “nagging,” I needed to hear him say he was going to do better. As I look back on that, that was all it was a bunch of empty words use to pacify me so he could continue doing whatever he wanted to do. Because the words came easy, the actions were just that actions. Meaning he would actually have to put a concerted effort to doing right. I should have listen to the voice in my head that was screaming and showing me all the red flags the first time.

My question to you is,how many red flag do you need?

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