People don’t do this!

image from google not me.

Even though this is not a picture of me it might as well be for the dumb thing I did last week. My sister took us to a basketball game last week, and while I am not a fan of crowds nor do I like basketball, I love my son and he loves basketball. And I wanted to do something fun with him despite my great dislike crowds.

So this is what happened.We arrived at the game in time to pick up some food before entering the arena, this was part of the plan, eat the local cuisine ( as we were in New Orleans) while watching the game. We did precisely that. I made it a point to have my son wash his hand before and after he ate his food. We even washed our hands before we left the arena. And then my dumb self walk down the stairs because I didn’t want to wait on the escalators because they were full, I took the stairs,bad hip and knee and all. Using those, I’m sure now were very germ invested, handrails to help keep my balance. I proceeded straight to the car got inside and opened up my son’s candy which he then poured into my dirty hands and ate valentines day candy right out of my germ invested hands.

Dumb, I know. I wasn’t thinking. But the next day my throat felt scratchy and dry, and the next day I had come down with the dreaded flu. People I have had a hysterectomy and did not feel this bad. Even now my chest hurts from all the coughing fits I have endured. When I think about how dumb it was for me not to wash my hands before pretty much putting them in my mouth, I can only shake my head at my dumbness. I might as well had licked the handrail like the kid did in the picture. And I know some of you are thinking, Perhaps you should have gotten a flu shot. I don’t normally get those because when I was in the military and we were forced to get them,I always got sick. Yet my son received a flu shot and no he did not get sick, he also did not lick the handrails of stairs at a basketball game either.

Thanks for reading my blog, I also wanted to say a special thank you the people of India for taking such a liking to my blog.

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