Do you know who you are?

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This is a questions I ask myself often. I find myself a little all over the place. I mean my morals are good, and over all most people think I have good ethics. What I am talking about is, what am I good at besides trying something that I have always had on my mind only to realize later……..huuuummm I don’t like this as much as I thought I would.

I’ve always like plants, so I wanted to start my own greenhouse and sell plant baskets,fruit trees, and make goat milk soap and make everything organic.I even bought chickens, goats, and I tried it for three years. In the end I hated the way all the greenhouses made my yard look. I realize I like a pretty yard.

I had a Pomeranian who I loved like a son for 13 years and when he pass I was devastated therefore I weighted 2 years to get another dog. Yet instead of just buying one Pomeranian I purchased 2 one male and one female. My thought was to breed them and sale them also it would ensure that I would always have a Pomeranian always around. No more heart ache for me. Instead i find that I have no connection with the pups therefore I am selling one in hopes of forming a bond with the other.

I know, I am all over the place. What I do know that I am good at is budgeting and purchasing automobiles and helping my family with solving money problems. I do not have a strong income yet I do not have any credit card debt, no car loan, and the only reoccurring debt I have is the mortgage and things associated with a house. I always try to live within my means.

So if I can ever help with any questions about budgeting feel free to ask me. I am not a professional, I just use common sense.

I like writing though I am not that good at it, but it relaxes, my mind will not shut down until i get a thought out of my head. This is my place of thought.

My question to you is …Do you know who you are?

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