And the answer is Alex Trebek

Who am I sending my prayers of healing to? People since I was about 10 years old my family and I use to watch Jeopardy. To this day we still watch it as a family when we are all home. Right before the show airs we project how many each of us will get right. I always guess the most that I will get right.(go big or go home). Yet I seldom get the most right. But one day I did get 11 right in one game. Of course that is how I started all my conversations with anyone I spoke with that day. Example: “Mam what would you like to order?” My response, “You know I got 11 right on Jeopardy and I would like a hamburger and fries. ” No kidding I really did this. I still watch Jeopardy even if I am home alone and I still keep score. I once played with my sister over the phone. She realized something was up when I was getting all the correct answers. My TV was a little ahead of hers’

Mr. Trebek I pray that your fight is a successful one and though you kid I hope you are able to finish your contract.

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