Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

For the past few days the news media has ran rampant over the “Varsity Blues,” scandal. This scandal is where rich or shall I say wealthy parents pay large sums of money to ensure that their child would be admitted to these “great on the resume and great clothing to show off” schools by any means necessary. I wonder did they even care if the children learn anything, or that despite the fact that these children already had everything going for them why did the parents feel the need to add Harvard to their already A+ life. I mean an A+ is already a home run.

Yet believe it or not I am not going to go on about these parents and their need to ensure they could later brag about their child getting into Harvard or Yale or whatever college could put them in the “My child graduated from Yale,” category. Instead I ask this, what is so great about these colleges that other colleges do not have? If the curriculum is harder, or tougher, then perhaps the other colleges out there need to step up their game. They need to find out why so many student want to attend the “Ivy league colleges,”

Undoubtedly more colleges need to show of there most elite alumni so that potential and future students will know that even non Ivy League colleges produce great ceos,vice presidents, and presidents. If all colleges are not equal, then the sub par colleges need to hire better professors and stop asking for more tuition if you are not hiring the best.

I do know this, nothing stays on top forever. It may take while to fall, but it will happen. I say that last part to say this…..Yale,Harvard,Stanford,Wake Forest will someday be the Myspace of colleges. All the other colleges have to do is step up their game.

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One other thought. The price of college is always guaranteed to go up,why can’t they guarantee a job. Just a thought