Am I my brother’s keeper

We like to believe

that all lives matter

But sometimes a single

word can make our soul shatter

We hear lie after lie

and pretend that it is the truth

While sharing our fake morals

quoting the bible God bless you Ruth

Everyday we hear fake outrage

to everyday injustices

Yet this country was founded on

slaves,and their masters trying to break us

You see it with your own eyes

yet when it happens you seem genuinely surprised

Life is better for you

because you where not born black or brown

But just for a moment

think, if the roles where turned around

We came by boat in chains

yet you where given land

And if we so much as ask for our fair share

you scream,How dare you demand

Denied the right to read

to learn,and you call us dumb

We raised your children

yet you call us the lazy ones

We are all suppose to be equal

according to the Declaration of Independence

Am I my brothers keeper

Should be the question we ask our selves

Instead you say God bless white America

And to hell with everybody else

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