This is who we are.

Everyday I hear people saying, ” This is not who we are. “

What are we? What are we America?

We are the country that fought a war to keep slaves

We are the country that Japanese Americans in interment camps because we were afraid they might change their loyalty during World War II

Millions of Native American were killed in the name of civilization

America was founded on violence,hate,and bigotry. We believe it is okay to keep children in caves and deny them basic human needs because they aren’t the right color. They want say that. They will simply say that their parents broke the rules. Imagine if your children were punished because you broke the rules.

People stop saying this is not who we are, no we bad. Just not Hitler bad. Does not mean we are great. I know it could be worse or if could be much better. Someday you may be the person or the people America decided not to like. When you don’t acknowledge the past you shall repeat it.

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One thought on “This is who we are.

  • America was built by slaves and made for white men. That is a fact. Very sad but true. People don’t like to acknowledge that America was founded and built by the blood and backs of slaves. Great post Hannah Maxwell!!

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