Why do we associate long hair with beauty?

When I was growing up ,all the pretty girls had long hair. I remember wanting my hair to be long all the way to my butt however it never got even close to being that long. As I get older I realize I like the idea of long hair, but to actually grow my hair long is another story. I tend to always cut, no truly shave my hair anytime I am not wearing braids. I think I have a scissor addition.

So for like the past year I have not cut my hair. This is a big deal to me. You see I use to cut my hair once a week. Ok, now let me get back to my questions of beauty and long hair. I watch YouTube for inspiration about the possibilities and potential of my hair. What I have come to notice is most black female you tubers always do a length check. And many give tips on growing your natural hair.

You see in my eyes, hair is important. We hear a lot of people say ” it’s just hair”. No sometimes hair is more than just hair. And deep down many of us know it we just don’t want to come off as being shallow. But you know what I think, I think it’s okay to be shallow about your hair. Because a woman feels some type of way when she looses it or it gets thin. You can be shallow about your hair just not shallow with most other things. I mean everything in life can’t be serious. And I do believe somewhere in our heads we associate beauty with long hair. As always there are exceptions to the rule. One thing I noticed is that they don’t often have short hair Victoria Secret models. Just a thought.

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