Change and make up

Let me start off by saying

That what you’re about to read is true

So pay attention

Perhaps I might fool you

We believe a caterpillar will become a butterfly

But suppose the worm just put on a disguise

We see his wings and pretty colors

If we look closer oh the things we discover

The worm did not change to become someone new

No he added make up and changed his view

So when we think people can evolve

The butterfly’s problems are within and have not been solved

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I stopped praying for him

Everyday I prayed that he would stop drinking

After years of no answer, I wonder what was I thinking

Maybe he would would be better, that’s what I was hoping

In the end it was me always coping

With his mood swings and his ups and downs

I often asked myself why I am hanging around

It was simple, my prayers for a better you

That’s the light that got me through

Now I know all those time I was praying for a better reality

Instead I should have just been praying for a smarter me.


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