Yes white is color,we know this to be true

But did restaurants put signs banning you

You gave us the name,now you wish to claim it to

Have you ever been banned from people different from you

Been hung,spit on, because of your hue

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Five letters



A conviction

A testimony




Can not express


Sometimes hurtful

At times scornful

Often to much

Yet somehow not enough

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We cover our eyes

And suppress our ears

Being deaf dumb and blind

Is where loyalty lives

But what do we get

Saying nothing

Faking kindness

Are we so thoughtless

We are no longer


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The 4th of July

Today we celebrate our independence

Freedom no

Can you be you where ever you go

Here in America

We have kids locked in cages

People young and old know tyranny starts in slow stages

It’s the subtle changes we see

And we think it only effect them not me

But now we have tanks lining the streets

God watch over us,our souls you keep

I think people will be surprised

Right now they are walking around hypnotized

Blinded by hate,yet still pretending to celebrate

Really are we so different from any dictator at all

Once we go so far how long will it take us to fall

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