Tumultuous Thursday


She already knew the answer before the question was asked

Therefore she stayed quiet and kept her mind on other task

But she thought about the future because the past haunted her

Surly she would do better tomorrow wouldn’t be a blur

The answer was to move on, and believe in herself

There was no point in asking a question, there was nothing left

Tumultuous Thursday


There where thousands of smiles

Hundreds of hand holding moments

The illusion of love was meant to be seen

But look closer to her eyes and you will see

Her lover was not her hero, no he was her enemy

Everyone had been right,

Everyone knew he was right

He wasn’t good, only she couldn’t see.

Love can blind you sometimes, and you will easily be deceived

Poems on Sunday


Reserved, only for you

I’m looking high and low

I’m searching for you


Holding back my feelings

Keeping them in check

Don’t want to look crazy nor loose your respect


Waiting,hoping, soon you will see me too

I’m looking to the future, perhaps I will see you

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