Poems on Sunday


Start,at first, right now

The beginning

This is where it will all happen

Somewhere, to someone, perhaps for you

The question is, do you run away or run to

The future, your life, from your past, then reach for the sky

Whatever your answer think fast then go

Only you can answer the questions to life’s unknown

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This helped with my adult acne

It can be embarrassing to walk around at any age to walk around with acne. I have suffered from acne so bad in my teen I was once asked by a classmate did I have chickenpox. People that was very embarrassing. If you do not have acne you do not know how it feels to have people judge you and talk about you to your face.

I have tried so many acne medications and home remedies and none of them seem to work. And believe me, there is always someone giving you advice even though they have never suffered from acne. I have had some people tell me that the reason my skin breaks out so much is because I put all this stuff on it. Keep in mind this is said as they are piling tons of make up on their face( something I am/is still scared to do).

This soap works for me. It is not that expensive. I think it cost me $6. I love it. I use it twice a day. No this is not a sponsored post. I saw a post the other day advising people on great ways to help clear acne. I know that struggle. It can be devastating. Parents if you have a child that has acne try this. If not please take your child to the dermatologist, please. It could be life changing. And you don’t know not understand if you have never had to live with acne. And people always seem to blame the acne sufferers for their acne. Trust me if we knew what made our face break out we would have been cured our own acne.

Ok I’m done with my advice,take it or leave it.

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Is business WordPress worth the cost?

People I have not been using wordpress for that long, and I keep getting emails from them encouraging me to upgrade to business. I know that wordpress is a business and that they are just trying to make money. I get that.What I want to know do any of you regret starting off with a business plan. I would like some honest input here.

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Women we should

There was a big hullabaloo a couple of days ago when Beyonce gave Nicole Curran the side eye and shade shoulder push back. This happened when Nicole appeared to be talking to Jay-Z to long.

At first glance and thought it seemed it seemed like the Twitter world had read to much into the look. Then I thought about it. Ladies know if you have a man with wondering eyes and he has already cheated on you, no matter how much you say the relationship is stronger. It is not. Ask Wendy Williams

Beyonce knows her husband is easily probably tempted and feels the need to bed anything he thinks he should have. This is a man that wants for nothing. Yet his woman,as beautiful as she is,cannot afford a peace of mind. He did that to her.

Women are always told that men will love them because they are beautiful. I’ve noticed men are always looking for a more beautiful woman. They always think they can do better. Nevermind the fact that most women would not look at Jay-Z twice save for his money. He knows this too.Now he is a billionaire Beyonce will write more angry music. These will be her attempt to show him what he has, that she is amazing,and to save face to the women that listen to her music.She will do all this and he will still not realize how amazing she is.

It makes me think of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine Benes make men prove them sponge worthy. Perhaps we should make a man prove he is sponge worthy. And not the other way around. Just a thought.

To all the Beyonces out there, I know it is hard but try not to let a boy still your joy.

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