Just wanted to say thanks

Sometimes I am surprised that people even read my blog. Yet sometimes I am like “what why aren’t more people reading my great blog, (LOL)”. Then I realize “hey girl you are just getting started more people will soon see just how great you are. ” We have to believe in ourselves,and be happy with the right now. And that people is what I write about today. THANKS all of you that take the time to read my blog. I read many of your blogs to. And they are great. Guys keep doing what you are doing.

Another thing I want to say is that there are many of you bloggers whose blog I follow that I am not notified about when you write a new blog. So if I follow your blog and you get no feedback from me it is because I am not getting your blogs. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.

Again THANKS guys.

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We cover our eyes

And suppress our ears

Being deaf dumb and blind

Is where loyalty lives

But what do we get

Saying nothing

Faking kindness

Are we so thoughtless

We are no longer


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This is who we are.

Everyday I hear people saying, ” This is not who we are. “

What are we? What are we America?

We are the country that fought a war to keep slaves

We are the country that Japanese Americans in interment camps because we were afraid they might change their loyalty during World War II

Millions of Native American were killed in the name of civilization

America was founded on violence,hate,and bigotry. We believe it is okay to keep children in caves and deny them basic human needs because they aren’t the right color. They want say that. They will simply say that their parents broke the rules. Imagine if your children were punished because you broke the rules.

People stop saying this is not who we are, no we bad. Just not Hitler bad. Does not mean we are great. I know it could be worse or if could be much better. Someday you may be the person or the people America decided not to like. When you don’t acknowledge the past you shall repeat it.

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How hard is it to borrow a million dollars?

The reason that I ask this question is because our President tells of real estate origin story of how was able to borrow a “small loan” of a million dollars. People I have great credit and I still have not been able to borrow less than half of that. Hell I even get the side eye of I apply for in store credit cards. I know that good credit alone does not allow me the chance to borrow millions of dollars. I think if I was given the chance to borrow even half of that ” small million, ” dollars there is a possibility that I too could be a millionaire.

What I see though is that money comes from money. Yes there are self made millionaires. And there are millions of people just like us. Who where never given the ” small loan, ” of a million dollars to make it. No I am not saying that everyone wants someone to give them everything. But we want to be given a chance. Yes there are some people that are given money and they blow through it like the wind. Sometime we try so hard and we get nowhere. How out of touch can you be with reality if you think you can go to a bank or just ask your dad for a small loan of a million dollars can you be?

Think about this: how far would you have made it. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all started out on equal grounds?

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