Movies on Monday

A Few Good Men

I feel like this is what the world needs right now. If you haven’t watched this movie take the time one day and watch it.

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If beauty is not important

We tell our children,we tell ourselves, we tell other people: It’s not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that is most important. I think we like to believe that,though it is not true. Lets be honest here can we? If beauty were not that important why are there so many different types of make up and hair products,and clothing to enhance our features. You don’t see people saying “well I just wanted to look ugly today.” 

No no one wants to be called ugly. It’s the way people say the word UGLY. It is said in a mean forced out way. Almost like a form of punishment. If it were in a song, it would be said  in the sound of a tuba or a drum. Yet we tell people beauty is not that important.

Pretty and beautiful people are treated better and or often trusted more often than less attracted people. In fact in a way we are taught that Ugly people can not be trusted and they are mean. Remember Cinderella she had two mean Ugly step sisters. And Snow White was tricked by an Ugly witch.  So from childbirth we are taught Ugly means mean and do not trust.

What I want you to think about is. The beautiful people did nothing different except be born beautiful. They are most likely outgoing and happy because people have always treated them and a nice manner.Unattractive people are treated mean because no body cares about their feeling or people do not think that they have feeling. Trust me in this, no one wants to be called Ugly.  

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Something to ponder

I want you to say this word out loud , pretty. Now think of your expression. Think about the way your face almost smile and how relaxed the word makes you feel.

Now say the word ugly out loud. Did you see it? Did you feel it? There are some words that automatically bring anger to your face. Think about this, with the exception of the word unique most words that start the letter U puts a frown or a grimace on your face. I wonder was that done on purpose.

Examples, On she looks so unkempt. He has become unhinged. That is so ungodly. Watch how your face shows true disappointment. Even when these words or used in other languages we still know that they are negative words just from the expression on the speaker face.

I don’t know the point that I wanted to get to only that words matter. But what also matters is the way we say them. People we need to find more positive words. It’s just something to ponder.

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