Something to ponder

I want you to say this word out loud , pretty. Now think of your expression. Think about the way your face almost smile and how relaxed the word makes you feel.

Now say the word ugly out loud. Did you see it? Did you feel it? There are some words that automatically bring anger to your face. Think about this, with the exception of the word unique most words that start the letter U puts a frown or a grimace on your face. I wonder was that done on purpose.

Examples, On she looks so unkempt. He has become unhinged. That is so ungodly. Watch how your face shows true disappointment. Even when these words or used in other languages we still know that they are negative words just from the expression on the speaker face.

I don’t know the point that I wanted to get to only that words matter. But what also matters is the way we say them. People we need to find more positive words. It’s just something to ponder.

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We glorify the mistress and hate on the wife

Make movies about the killer who end lives with a knife

The media ensures anything for ratings

Asking hostile question during presidential debating

They did care about the response,only the sound bite

They’re almost like us, you know,anything for likes

We have a leader that encourages us to hate each other

So if you don’t have something it’s the fault of the colored

Today we see active shooter,I wonder how often will they show this

We have come to a place of hate,searching for likes and social hits

I feel like the old people that say, ” it’s the old days I miss. “

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Is business WordPress worth the cost?

People I have not been using wordpress for that long, and I keep getting emails from them encouraging me to upgrade to business. I know that wordpress is a business and that they are just trying to make money. I get that.What I want to know do any of you regret starting off with a business plan. I would like some honest input here.

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