I quit

We date, we laugh,we break up,

I chase you, I run to you

We’re happy, Yeah that’s what’s up

Then you decide you want to run again

I can’t do this, I can’t keep

Doing this my friend

I love you, I love you

I really do

But this game of tag and chase

Your it

I’m tired of playing

In other words

” F” it I quit

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There are things that cannot be explained

Like,why I love you,

These feelings for you seem to remain

I shouldn’t, I know

I do, these feeling want go

If I leave, these feeling stay

There is something that want let them

Simply go away

I’m strong, I think,

But with you I sink

I fall over,and over, with just one kiss

Drugs I can avoid

But it’s you I can’t seem to resist

About me

When she walked into the room

Everyone stopped and starred

She knew without a doubt that obviously

That these people ” surly theses people

Where talking about poor little me”.


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On deck

When they broke up

She wasn’t to upset

For she knew

Their was another

Waiting on deck

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