We glorify the mistress and hate on the wife

Make movies about the killer who end lives with a knife

The media ensures anything for ratings

Asking hostile question during presidential debating

They did care about the response,only the sound bite

They’re almost like us, you know,anything for likes

We have a leader that encourages us to hate each other

So if you don’t have something it’s the fault of the colored

Today we see active shooter,I wonder how often will they show this

We have come to a place of hate,searching for likes and social hits

I feel like the old people that say, ” it’s the old days I miss. “

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Seinfeld thought of the week

Have we come to this? No I do not think what is going on in our country is funny. I just like to find a Seinfeld episode that can somehow go with whatever is going on in the United States. In this episode Kramer is suggesting that one of them should leave. The funny thing there is, they are in Jerry’s apartment.