love brings love

Imagine if we could live an extra day every time we smiled

Or we’re paid to laugh and be happy all the time

On the other hand when you did wrong your heart would loose ten beats

would it matter for every bad deed there was something done that was kind

Would it change anyone , probably not at all

Hate, breed hate, love brings love, in the end we will all fall

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Facing the edge

As I stand on the edge of this ledge debating should I jump off

Will the ground come fast will the landing be soft

I made mistakes to many to count

If taken the time to add up the good what will it amount

I’m a coward, I can’t face my failure nor my sins not even tomorrow

Here goes my leap, no more pain or sorrow

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Close your eyes

take a deep breath


can you feel me

I’m here

inhale the air

feel the sun on your face


I can hear you

I’m here

It’s okay

calm down


I’m here

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The pedestal you put me on

Up this high

I’m so scared

to fall

Letting you down

accidentally causes me

to stall


I might not

take chances

and let you down

So high up

in the air like walking a

tight rope like a clown


No mistakes,I

have to do

it just right

If I mess up

I realize it’s me

you might like like


Everything looks

different from the view

I see straight on

Yet I don’t want

to fall from this

pedestal you put me on

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