Joker( the movie, my thoughts)

The joker is a comic book character but the movie shows how everyday people can push a person to a breaking point. You know we develop our personality at a young age. We learn to trust or not by our experiences. If you are of quirky or the ” weird ” kid you will soon find out how cruel kids and adults can be.

I have been always short and when I was in kindergarten I was bullied by the tall six graders because I wanted to play four square or tether ball and they did not want me playing with them. Sad to say as I got older and in the sixth grade I too became a bully, despite me being short. I think I did it because I could sense the fear and I felt like if anyone I picked on was crazy enough to fight me back I would win. I only picked fights with people I knew I would win a fight with.

I wonder now is that how many bullies feel. I know I was wrong. That time in my life did not last but for that one year. But there are some people who live their entire life pushing around people like the Joker.

His transformation was slow and deliberate. And even as he slowly goes a little further you understand it. No I don’t condone violence, but sometimes I understand where it comes from. This movie makes you see how cruel we as people can be. Yes this is a comic book character but his feeling are very relatable. This is not a movie for young kids,however if you must take them to see it , it could be some great teachable moments. I give the movie an A+. Go see it. But he prepared to have your emotions stirred up.

Ok that is all I got to say on that. If you guys go see the movie tell me what you think.