She was lost

Driving down the highway of life not sure in what direction

Should she go north,south,east,west, in search of perfection

So many hills,mountains,rivers, and streams

Her life was going in so many directions,what did it mean

She could go head first, and drive as fast as she could at any cost

Should she go slow and be careful, at any rate, she was lost

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Seeing Me

When I look in the mirror do I like what I see

Perhaps I like my reflection,but do I see me

Do I see the woman that always tries

Yet if I look closer still, do my eyes reflect my silent cries

Is there strength and courage forming on the line around my nose

When people ask for a good woman, the point at me saying,”There she goes.”

Do I see all my faults and none of my beauty

Or will my eyes only see me, seeing me

Am I me

We change a little everyday

but something in us will always stay

It could be love,hate,happiness or sorrow

Makes you wonder what will be tomorrow

The change can be so subtle sometimes you cannot not see

At the end of the day you ask yourself,”Am I me?”

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What’s so great about a princess

As I sit back and watch

every princess on TV

I think to my daughter

and what she inspires to be

She loves the beautiful princess

for what reason I ponder

For they constantly need rescue

like Aladdin from the cave of wonders

They are not heroic often

appearing to be damsel in distress

I want more for my daughter, So I

ask what’s so great about being a princess

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Now we should make a statue of him.

I know some of you are reading the title of this blog and maybe in complete outrage that I would suggest that perhaps we should now make a statute of this man. After all he has been convicted of sexual assault. But he has done so much for the black community. He is a part of my heritage. I know that he possibly could have raped 60 women, but he did so many great things for black people. Please build a statue of  him and put it near a sexually assault building , or at least name a school after him or  great college where all these women he assaulted can remember him and all the great things he did to for heritage.

In case any of you have not figured out ALL of the above is sarcasm,yet these or the words used by people who can justify the need to have the rebel flag and the confederate statues that are placed around this country. Imagine, if you can for a moment if we made statues of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, or Adolf Hitler and placed them in places where the people were the victims of their crimes.

Think about it. I mean Harvey Weinstein made many great movies,Bill Cosby was “America’s father, and Hitler was elected as president. These three men in their own way I am sure did some great things. But it is not what people remember about them. We remember the bad.

Now if can for a moment think about how you would feel IF statues where made and erected of these people and placed in places where their victims often gathered or lived. Imagine if you can for one moment seeing the man that killed your entire family statue ,placed in the city square where you lived. And in that same square they renamed the park after him and made a holiday just for him.Imagine if you can a school named after the man that raped you. Imagine a place that has a parade for the man that molested and raped you.

This is what black people feel about the people that what the statues to stay up. And the argument is: “they fought for our rights, they are a part of my heritage, we can’t forget our past.”

But last I checked, and make no mistake I could be wrong, there are no statutes of Adolf Hitler. Nor are their school named after him. Nor roads being named after him. Nor holidays dedicated to him.

All I am trying to say is this, the confederate statues remind black people of the times when their families where torn apart and sold, the women and yes some men where raped, they were forced to live like animals and treated worst. Basically blacks were treated less than second class citizens.

Would you want a reminder via statues, road, schools, holidays, are any other way to celebrate a person that made you a victim displayed anywhere?

I am up for different points of views so please comment. Agree or disagree