I didn’t mean it

I know I told you to leave and to never call again

I was hurt,angry,lashing out,I needed you,not the lover,you my friend

I said things I knew would hurt you to the core

I wanted you to feel the way I felt and hurt you a little bit more

I know I can’t un-ring the bell that has echoed over us

Is there anyway we can take things back to the way it was

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Facing the edge

As I stand on the edge of this ledge debating should I jump off

Will the ground come fast will the landing be soft

I made mistakes to many to count

If taken the time to add up the good what will it amount

I’m a coward, I can’t face my failure nor my sins not even tomorrow

Here goes my leap, no more pain or sorrow

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Am I me

We change a little everyday

but something in us will always stay

It could be love,hate,happiness or sorrow

Makes you wonder what will be tomorrow

The change can be so subtle sometimes you cannot not see

At the end of the day you ask yourself,”Am I me?”

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Close your eyes

take a deep breath


can you feel me

I’m here

inhale the air

feel the sun on your face


I can hear you

I’m here

It’s okay

calm down


I’m here

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Only for a moment

Only for a moment

allow me the pleasure

to kiss your soft sweet lips

That I may dream of

this joyous feeling

of my moment of pure bliss

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Just so you know

Just so you know

I did call you

back that day

I wanted to hear

your voice and

what you had to say

Just so you know

I saw you that day

reading alone in the park

I watched you,I smiled

I cried, you lit

up my heart

Just so you know

I did not want to

let you go

Just so you know

I did not want to

let you go

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