Sinful Saturday

Kiss me there

I’m excited,

you’re here

Take off your clothes

Whisper in my ear

A little lower still

Now kiss me there

Relax and let us enjoy

All this fun and

much much more

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Run to me

The plane has finally landed

My heart is pounding

I can barely control my breath

The need to see is so strong

I’m fighting for control

I can feel you moving closer

But I don’t see you, yet

And then

Just when

I feel like I might

Explode from anticipating

There I see you

God, I need you

It’s been so long

Now that you see me

I need you to

Please run, don’t walk

But, Run to me

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Shut up and kiss me

As I watch you speak,

I realize I’m not listening to the words

No, I like the way your lips move

They look so full and soft

I would like to say I enjoy our conversation

But I know it would be a lie

Just standing here watching you speak

I’m going a little crazy with ideas

Butterflies in my stomach,my knees are weak

So please just for a moment

Can you not say a word

And just shut up and kiss me

And maybe just maybe I can hear again

Embrace me my love

Embrace me my love

hold me so close I

can feel your heart


Embrace me my love

whisper soft words

so I can fell our souls


Embrace me my love

I want to feel

your beautiful skin next to


Embrace me my love

love more everyday

until the end of


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