First light

what happens in the dark

Will be known in the light

Perhaps that is good

If you face demons at night

But if the secrets you keep

Makes you want to jump flight

A smile will broaden your face

When you see first light

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Are you being honest with you?

The truth of the matter is truth hurts. Many of us do not like to see the person we really are,therefore we pretend to be something we think is acceptable. Well we use to be like that,now the true us is out there. And other people are saying, ” This is not who we are, “. Is that statement true? Have we always been the monster that hides in our own closest ‘s soul. Think about this,at one time,and this is true, slave owner would rape and or kill their slaves right before they went to church. They praised God and saw no fault in the crimes they committed because in their minds that did not count. It was normal to beat people and go about your day. We are back to those days people. Many of you reading this are greatly offended. But why, surly you are not like these evil people I am speaking of. If any of you ever watched the movie A time to Kill,you might know the point I am getting at. Imagine if all the stuff that is going on with the immigrants where white children.

Check it out

Right now we are the people from the Phill Collins song ,In the air tonight

. We are watching America drowning in hate and fear and we just turn away and pretend it does not exist. This hate is not a bill. We can’t just ignore it and think it will go away. We need to face what scares us. See if we can fix it. Not avoid it. And or bully it away. Or wish it back to the ” good old days, ” that was only good for white men. Even women were reserved to just sit at home and told to be content to be barefoot and pregnant. While the men who were supposed to be the bread winners ,screwed anything that moved or had a vagina ,while quoting the bible, ” God said be fruitful and multiply.

I’m sure I offended the many. And I do not care. We need to see and acknowledge what we are,were,and what we could be if we stop pretending. Yes I aware that I am all over the place with this blog. I had a lot to spit out. I was gagging from holding it all in.

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That feeling you get

That feeling you get

when your mom leaves

you there on the first

day of school

That feeling you get

when you accidentally

swim to the deep

side of the pool

That feeling you get

when you get off

the elevator on

the wrong floor

That feeling you get

when you realize

you just locked the

keys inside the door

That feeling you get

when it’s time to take

pictures and the

camera actually breaks

That feeling you get

when your in line

to eat a party

and they run out of cake

That feeling you get

when nothing seems

right and everything is

in panic and in a haste

That feeling you get

when you feel like

you have just

been misplaced

I hate the dentist,but I love to eat.

The blog that follows this is related to this post. I love Seinfeld therefore whenever possible I find a way to make it relate to my everyday life.

So how do you guys feel about the dentist?. As I stated earlier,” I hate the dentist, but I love to eat,”. Can any of you relate to this. If so leave a comment. Thanks for reading

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Feeling the darkness

There’s a darkness I feel

yelling, clawing, pulling from down deep in my toes

It wants to come out, it

wants to take control

I want to scream, I want to cry

Please God, Please God

Don’t let this evil in me take hold

I need to fight this shadow

because I know that there is light

Maybe not in me now

But this bad feeling, I know need to fight

I can’t let it win

I’ve got to be strong

God help,God help

help me to move on

If I can believe for a moment

just a moment that everything will be okay

I can find the strength

inside me to make another day

Then I remember this quote

This too shall pass

I smile knowing without a doubt

It’s true,and the darkness has passed

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember never give up. Tomorrow is a new day. You are not alone. Many have felt like you do.

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3 Signs your in a toxic relationship

There are 4 types of relationship we can have they are: family, friendship,casual, and romantic. Each can play a significant part of our lives. If these are good relationships,life can be great. On the other hand if any one of these are not so good staying in the bed all day alone seems like the best thing to do.

Below are 3 signs you could be in a toxic relationship.

  1. When you hear the person name you get sad, or angry in other words you feel some type of way. Think about when you first started dating someone,just the sound of their name would make you smile, even daydream. If you feel the opposite of that for a long time something is definitely not right. Talk to your partner of friend if possible and tell them what is causing friction between the two of you and see if the problem can be fixed.
  2. You can’t be yourself. All of your friends notice that you act different around your partner. If you are constantly anxious,sad, or nervous in their presence, something is wrong. This typically happens if your partner has wild mood swings and you are unsure how to act in order not to make them react in negative manner .
  3. Play the victim. No matter what they do you,they are the victim. If they drink too much. It’s your fault becasue you keep nagging them. If they spend all their money it’s your fault becasue because they needed to spend all that money to buy beer becasue you want let him go out and drink. So they have to buy a lot of beer for the house.

If you feel you are in a toxic relationship try to talk to the person first. If that does not work try your best to get out. Sometimes it only gets worse. Trust me I know.

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