That feeling you get

That feeling you get

when your mom leaves

you there on the first

day of school

That feeling you get

when you accidentally

swim to the deep

side of the pool

That feeling you get

when you get off

the elevator on

the wrong floor

That feeling you get

when you realize

you just locked the

keys inside the door

That feeling you get

when it’s time to take

pictures and the

camera actually breaks

That feeling you get

when your in line

to eat a party

and they run out of cake

That feeling you get

when nothing seems

right and everything is

in panic and in a haste

That feeling you get

when you feel like

you have just

been misplaced

I hate the dentist,but I love to eat.

The blog that follows this is related to this post. I love Seinfeld therefore whenever possible I find a way to make it relate to my everyday life.

So how do you guys feel about the dentist?. As I stated earlier,” I hate the dentist, but I love to eat,”. Can any of you relate to this. If so leave a comment. Thanks for reading

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Feeling the darkness

There’s a darkness I feel

yelling, clawing, pulling from down deep in my toes

It wants to come out, it

wants to take control

I want to scream, I want to cry

Please God, Please God

Don’t let this evil in me take hold

I need to fight this shadow

because I know that there is light

Maybe not in me now

But this bad feeling, I know need to fight

I can’t let it win

I’ve got to be strong

God help,God help

help me to move on

If I can believe for a moment

just a moment that everything will be okay

I can find the strength

inside me to make another day

Then I remember this quote

This too shall pass

I smile knowing without a doubt

It’s true,and the darkness has passed

Thanks for reading my blog. Remember never give up. Tomorrow is a new day. You are not alone. Many have felt like you do.

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3 Signs your in a toxic relationship

There are 4 types of relationship we can have they are: family, friendship,casual, and romantic. Each can play a significant part of our lives. If these are good relationships,life can be great. On the other hand if any one of these are not so good staying in the bed all day alone seems like the best thing to do.

Below are 3 signs you could be in a toxic relationship.

  1. When you hear the person name you get sad, or angry in other words you feel some type of way. Think about when you first started dating someone,just the sound of their name would make you smile, even daydream. If you feel the opposite of that for a long time something is definitely not right. Talk to your partner of friend if possible and tell them what is causing friction between the two of you and see if the problem can be fixed.
  2. You can’t be yourself. All of your friends notice that you act different around your partner. If you are constantly anxious,sad, or nervous in their presence, something is wrong. This typically happens if your partner has wild mood swings and you are unsure how to act in order not to make them react in negative manner .
  3. Play the victim. No matter what they do you,they are the victim. If they drink too much. It’s your fault becasue you keep nagging them. If they spend all their money it’s your fault becasue because they needed to spend all that money to buy beer becasue you want let him go out and drink. So they have to buy a lot of beer for the house.

If you feel you are in a toxic relationship try to talk to the person first. If that does not work try your best to get out. Sometimes it only gets worse. Trust me I know.

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What does a monster look like?

We need to believe that a monster is ugly on the outside. Never mind the fact that a person can not often choose the way they look. Yet somehow we believe that an ugly person, can easily be a killer. Ever wonder why? It is hard to believe that a monster could be sleeping in the bed with you. It is hard to believe that you raised a a monster. It is hard to believe that you married a monster. It is hard to believe because they look like everyday people. The monster can look like you. Yet surly you’re not a monster are you? A monster can not look like you.

The need to believe that monsters can not look like you it what makes it so easy to believe any bad thing you hear about any other ( monster) race. In all fairness there is no one superior race. We all do good and bad things. People don’t be so easily manipulated by fear.

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Not living by the rules.

"To be taken with love for a soul, God does not look on its greatness, but on the greatness of its humility."~St. John of the Cross

Just a thought. Why is it that the Nuns and Priest who want to force a particular concept on people are the same people not living by this concept. I will not claim to have read all of the bible, but I have looked for the part that states that a man should remain without sex to be closer to God. I have not found it anywhere.  Where does it come from and why do many priest not follow that rule FOR REAL. These are the people who do not believe in birth control. Probably because they are constantly sleeping with other men or molesting young boys and girls while still professing  their love of God. Hence no need for birth control.

Then there is the nuns which are often described as mean and abusive,not all of them. But do we really no what they are doing when no one else is around. We assume they are doing the right thing. Yet I am sure we made the same assumption about the priest.

Theses are people who are suppose to worship and love God but they have only shown they worship God when we see them and  just maybe they worship lust when the door are closed. Why are we following the rules/laws of people who only follow them when we see them.

Some Christians say they hate abortions so they tend to lean right. Make know mistake I do not believe that when a woman decides to have an abortion it is an easy choice. Most likely harder than making a decision to molest a child over and over and over again. No these two things are not the the same. But often one is forgiving while the other is frowned upon so much so that the woman is commended to hell.

What I do know about the bible is God gave us ten commandments and not just one. And the same people that only remember one are the same ones who think it is ok to kill someone for stand your ground or whatever reason they can justify in their head when a person on color, black or brown is killed. This could be for something as simple as getting a wallet out of your pocket (dead) walking home at night(dead) music to loud (dead)The Amateur Writer: Ten Commandments Printable

This does not say Christians to me, instead it says I can pick and choose which command makes me feel good never mind the rest. Please tell me what you think and where I got things wrong. Better yet someone explain to me the celibacy thing with priest and nuns.