I fell in love with me

There use to be a time when

I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I would see

So I made changes to the outside

And on the inside of me

I’ve noticed I’m happy because I’m in love

I’ve fallen in love with me

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He actually called

He actually called

I couldn’t be more excited

He actually called

On a date I was invited

He actually called

And not three days later

He actually called

No need for an ” he’s not into you, ” translator

He actually called

I’m practically dancing on air

He actually called

Now I need to find something to wear

Don’t just love me today

When I heard you say the words,

my heart began to pound so loud in my ear

But did you mean it,

those words, did I hear you clear

Those words

can be a tattoo to my heart or to my arm

Meaning they are there forever

running in my blood beating loud like a drum

Only say them if you mean them

for my love,you show , put it on display

When you say those words,

don’t just love me today

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Thank you mom

I came into this world,probably screaming and crying

I’m sure I bought her lots of pain,perhaps she felt like she was dying

Yet she held me close,fed me, and made sure I felt love

Played softball ball me, even when we couldn’t afford gloves

She helped me with my homework,stayed up late when I was sick

Her days long, and nights naps where short and quick

From the first day of kindergarten,to graduation of the twelfth grade

I think of you now,and thank you for all the sacrifices you made

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Gayle King

If I had one celebrity aunt it would definitely be Gayle King

Unlike me she’s very optimistic,outgoing,yet like me she cannot sing

She faces a storm with calm and grace

I’m thinking R. Kelly, AKA, Robert she says slowly to his down trodden face

She always listen and let you tell your story

She’s humble,practical looks for truth and not glory

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