Poems on Sunday

Game day 🏈

Super Bowl Sunday is here today

Football, red, yellow, white, ready to play

The Chiefs the Niners on the field

First down, touchdown,what a thrill

But who will, the team that makes the most points

Some come on team, loosen up those joints

Run the ball, catch the ball, give me some defense

I’m ready to watch, excited to see, let the game commence

Poems on Sunday

In real life

In real life, I loved him

and hated him all at once

He played games with my mind

the deceit went on for months

In real life, I looked forward to seeing him and dreaded his return

Appreciating the peace, unsure of his mindset, keeping my sanity upturned

In real life, I’m glad it’s over and relieve has washed over me

Today I feel peace and joy and sweet serenity.

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