We glorify the mistress and hate on the wife

Make movies about the killer who end lives with a knife

The media ensures anything for ratings

Asking hostile question during presidential debating

They did care about the response,only the sound bite

They’re almost like us, you know,anything for likes

We have a leader that encourages us to hate each other

So if you don’t have something it’s the fault of the colored

Today we see active shooter,I wonder how often will they show this

We have come to a place of hate,searching for likes and social hits

I feel like the old people that say, ” it’s the old days I miss. “

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Yes white is color,we know this to be true

But did restaurants put signs banning you

You gave us the name,now you wish to claim it to

Have you ever been banned from people different from you

Been hung,spit on, because of your hue

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True story

As some of know I grew up and still live in Alabama. The following is a true short story.

I don’t know what year it was but I can tell you that I was in elementary school. The school was called White House Fork elementary. I had been attending it for at least two years as most of the children in my neighborhood had. Anyways on one particular day my mom did not want us to go to school. It wasn’t a school holiday or anything,but she debated whether or not to send me and my other siblings to school. I didn’t know what the big deal was. I just knew I wanted to go to school because I wanted to have perfect attendance. That morning I remember watching my mom peering out the window trying to see if other children where getting on the school bus. I mean we were dressed and ready but she still wasn’t sure she wanted us to go. Finally she saw the kids down the street get on the bus,so she sent us too. We ended up being the only black kids that went to school that day.

Now remember this is Alabama,I probably forgot to tell you it was the early 1980s. Okay, so when we get to school it is very easy to see we are the only blacks. And I don’t know if I ever mentioned it to my mom but I remember some of my class mates,some of the same ones that I had played with for at least two years, remind me that I was at White House Fork and not Black House Fork. And that I need to go back to Africa. At the time I knew they were being mean, I didn’t know why. I mean I had never even been to Africa so how could I go back. It made no sense. Other than my” friends” name calling me, that day was like any other school day. When we got home that day, my mom ask did anybody else ride the bus. We told her ,No,. I ask her why didn’t she want us to go to school. She told us it was Martin Luther King’s birthday. I didn’t know what that meant, but it seem like a big deal to her.

Back then Dr. King’s birthday was not a holiday. I am glad it is now. But sometimes I look back on that school day and find it strange and a little disheartening that my “friends” had said such harsh cruel words to me one day and pretend like everything was fine the next day.

My question to you is: Has any thing like that ever happened to you?

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Are you being honest with you?

The truth of the matter is truth hurts. Many of us do not like to see the person we really are,therefore we pretend to be something we think is acceptable. Well we use to be like that,now the true us is out there. And other people are saying, ” This is not who we are, “. Is that statement true? Have we always been the monster that hides in our own closest ‘s soul. Think about this,at one time,and this is true, slave owner would rape and or kill their slaves right before they went to church. They praised God and saw no fault in the crimes they committed because in their minds that did not count. It was normal to beat people and go about your day. We are back to those days people. Many of you reading this are greatly offended. But why, surly you are not like these evil people I am speaking of. If any of you ever watched the movie A time to Kill,you might know the point I am getting at. Imagine if all the stuff that is going on with the immigrants where white children.

Check it out

Right now we are the people from the Phill Collins song ,In the air tonight

. We are watching America drowning in hate and fear and we just turn away and pretend it does not exist. This hate is not a bill. We can’t just ignore it and think it will go away. We need to face what scares us. See if we can fix it. Not avoid it. And or bully it away. Or wish it back to the ” good old days, ” that was only good for white men. Even women were reserved to just sit at home and told to be content to be barefoot and pregnant. While the men who were supposed to be the bread winners ,screwed anything that moved or had a vagina ,while quoting the bible, ” God said be fruitful and multiply.

I’m sure I offended the many. And I do not care. We need to see and acknowledge what we are,were,and what we could be if we stop pretending. Yes I aware that I am all over the place with this blog. I had a lot to spit out. I was gagging from holding it all in.

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The 4th of July

Today we celebrate our independence

Freedom no

Can you be you where ever you go

Here in America

We have kids locked in cages

People young and old know tyranny starts in slow stages

It’s the subtle changes we see

And we think it only effect them not me

But now we have tanks lining the streets

God watch over us,our souls you keep

I think people will be surprised

Right now they are walking around hypnotized

Blinded by hate,yet still pretending to celebrate

Really are we so different from any dictator at all

Once we go so far how long will it take us to fall

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