Tumultuous Thursday

The real hoax

He knew everything

And nothing

He spoke often

But not real words

When shone the truth

He called it absurd

And when his false world fail apart

He blamed everyone else, of course we all knew this part

The beginning of the end

There were no words to spend

No only truth believe me, believe me folks

Through all the deep state, he is the real hoax.

By hmaxwell

I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks doing this!

I use to get on the treadmill for an hour or walk the road for an hour. I lost zero pounds. I did this for one month. I believe I gained weight.

But this has helped me, I think

First thing I drink in the morning on a empty stomach is

1 tsp cayenne pepper,

1 tsp lemon juice

1/4 cup hot water ( think like a shot glass amount)

A little after that I drink 1 tsp of raw honey in luck warm water, honey is not as effective once heated above 100 degrees.

I did not change much of my eating habits as I tend to eat healthy anyways. I will say this, I do eat more sardines at least 3 times a week for breakfast otherwise it’s scrabbled eggs from my chicken coop or oatmeal. I already eat a lot of fruit. By the time I eat dinner my appetite is very small, yet I still eat. I mean I like food.

Before I go to bed I do 50 crunches, and 25 lunges and that’s it. I try to do 1 one minute plank. Sometimes that don’t work out like that.

But I lost the weight. And I can see it. It feel good and I am not hunger all the time like I was before on all the other things I have tried.

If you people have ever tried this let me know how it worked for you.

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And the answer is Alex Trebek

Who am I sending my prayers of healing to? People since I was about 10 years old my family and I use to watch Jeopardy. To this day we still watch it as a family when we are all home. Right before the show airs we project how many each of us will get right. I always guess the most that I will get right.(go big or go home). Yet I seldom get the most right. But one day I did get 11 right in one game. Of course that is how I started all my conversations with anyone I spoke with that day. Example: “Mam what would you like to order?” My response, “You know I got 11 right on Jeopardy and I would like a hamburger and fries. ” No kidding I really did this. I still watch Jeopardy even if I am home alone and I still keep score. I once played with my sister over the phone. She realized something was up when I was getting all the correct answers. My TV was a little ahead of hers’

Mr. Trebek I pray that your fight is a successful one and though you kid I hope you are able to finish your contract.

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