Poems on Sunday

At least

At least you knew where we stood

I always tried to make it work when I could

I gave it my all, practically everything I had

But no matter what I did, it always made you mad

I think I loved you more than you deserved

It want happen again, on that you have my word

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Damn you still here

The argument was bad

So bad I left out to clear my head and get some fresh air

Glad the break up had finally happened

Now as pull back into the yard, I see you and think, Damn you still here

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Shut up and kiss me

As I watch you speak,

I realize I’m not listening to the words

No, I like the way your lips move

They look so full and soft

I would like to say I enjoy our conversation

But I know it would be a lie

Just standing here watching you speak

I’m going a little crazy with ideas

Butterflies in my stomach,my knees are weak

So please just for a moment

Can you not say a word

And just shut up and kiss me

And maybe just maybe I can hear again

Never make her cry

Hold her hand

wipe away her tears

but never make her cry

laugh with her

Chase away her fears

but never make her cry

Dance with her

And always be that guy

that makes her laugh,dance,

but never make her cry

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