Just so you know

Just so you know

I did call you

back that day

I wanted to hear

your voice and

what you had to say

Just so you know

I saw you that day

reading alone in the park

I watched you,I smiled

I cried, you lit

up my heart

Just so you know

I did not want to

let you go

Just so you know

I did not want to

let you go

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Do we want truth?

I like to hear good things

that make my heart smile

However if I hear something I hate

I will quickly go into denial

I want to be right

in everything I say

I will twist the facts to

ensure that comes out that way

If there ever was podium where I could

tell my story from a booth

I will tell you lies, alternative facts

I know you don’t want the truth


If you said you were sorry

would anything change

Or would I be given you

more rope for you to hang

If I went back would I

still make the same choice

Probably so, I like looking at you

I’m drawn to your beautiful voice

If I didn’t love you maybe

my life would not be so chaotic

But then I would sad dull

moving around almost robotic

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hey I don’t want to be a robot.

Weather “man”

The forecast calls for

sunny with a chance of rain

I think he like me, no he doesn’t

more mixed signals I’m going insane

A hurricane is forming should be here today

He’s coming on so strong, surely he’ll take my breath away

Up north a blizzard, look for sheets of ice

He hasn’t even called me, so much for Mr Nice

In the tropics look out for a tidal wave moving through

He will drown me so with love, too much what should I do

For a storm look for shelter, summertime so hot you will need a fan

There is something always changing, changing about the weather “man.”