Poems on Sunday

Still the sun will shine

My heart is broken

I feel a darkness rise

I want to give up

Yet when the morning comes

Still the sun will shine

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Yet some how I know

Reflection of love

I like that when I kiss you

You are eager to kiss me back

I reach for you

You grab my my hand and pull me closer

If I get cold

You’re already laying your coat on my shoulders

If I have a thought

You are already doing it before I say it out loud

It’s like looking in a mirror

And seeing reflections of love

True, honest, pure,feelings

Moving simultaneous like hand and glove

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That feeling you get

That feeling you get

when your mom leaves

you there on the first

day of school

That feeling you get

when you accidentally

swim to the deep

side of the pool

That feeling you get

when you get off

the elevator on

the wrong floor

That feeling you get

when you realize

you just locked the

keys inside the door

That feeling you get

when it’s time to take

pictures and the

camera actually breaks

That feeling you get

when your in line

to eat a party

and they run out of cake

That feeling you get

when nothing seems

right and everything is

in panic and in a haste

That feeling you get

when you feel like

you have just

been misplaced

Week 5 Challenge: Allow someone to change(reasonably)

Life Cycle Of Butterflies - Vector illustration

We do not start off who we become.(I hope)

I believe in everyone past we have done something we hope would never see the light of day. We say things, we do things, we try things, we are not perfect. It is often how often we repeat those “things” that can sometimes determine who we are. This is not always true, there is always a little gray area that many people flirt with myself included.

There are some people who will always be known as a thief. A drug addict will always be known to some people as a drug addict, it does not matter if they have not done drugs in 20 years.Some people will never except that that person has changed for the better.

My mom use to call almost every man she ever met a fagot. These are her words. Until she learned that her only son aka my brother was gay. She regrets ever using that word because she was using it to be mean. I’m sure she does not want anyone to use that word in a mean way to describe someone she loves. I use to quote Eddie Murphy from the movie 48 hrs. that went like this, “Listen up I don’t like white people.” I did not have problems with white people I think I said it for shock value because I use to say this when I would get on the school bus and there where white people on the bus. Later on my dad had become involved with a white lady and my little sister was born. I never said that phrase again. Love you little sis.

I do not think all people go through the phases of metamorphosis. Some people stay the worm, i.e., racist, homophobic,misogynist,bigoted you get the point. But some of us we grow into that beautiful butterfly if we’re lucky. Then there is some people who we think are going through the last stage of metamorphosis long enough to fool you for a little while. Yet their wings fall back off and you see that yes they are still a worm.

Can any of you relate? Do you believe people can change?

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Week 3 Challenge: Stop faking it

fake money image from Pinterest

Why do we feel the need to fake our life for other people. Why do we always need to prove to someone else our life is “perfect”. Think about how often have you retaken a photo just to look the right way. Even if you get a thousand likes someone will always give you that thumbs down. If you feel sad say you’re sad. If the picture is not prefect then that is ok. Remember some one is always going to give you a thumbs down on even your best of anything and that has nothing to do with you. So why fake it. There is something really sad about a person that tries all day to impress who? Be happy with what you truly have and strive to get the things you really what. But don’t fake til you make because in the end you are only hurting yourself. I’m just saying

Stay positive, try to be happy,

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