If beauty is not important

We tell our children,we tell ourselves, we tell other people: It’s not what is on the outside but what is on the inside that is most important. I think we like to believe that,though it is not true. Lets be honest here can we? If beauty were not that important why are there so many different types of make up and hair products,and clothing to enhance our features. You don’t see people saying “well I just wanted to look ugly today.” 

No no one wants to be called ugly. It’s the way people say the word UGLY. It is said in a mean forced out way. Almost like a form of punishment. If it were in a song, it would be said  in the sound of a tuba or a drum. Yet we tell people beauty is not that important.

Pretty and beautiful people are treated better and or often trusted more often than less attracted people. In fact in a way we are taught that Ugly people can not be trusted and they are mean. Remember Cinderella she had two mean Ugly step sisters. And Snow White was tricked by an Ugly witch.  So from childbirth we are taught Ugly means mean and do not trust.

What I want you to think about is. The beautiful people did nothing different except be born beautiful. They are most likely outgoing and happy because people have always treated them and a nice manner.Unattractive people are treated mean because no body cares about their feeling or people do not think that they have feeling. Trust me in this, no one wants to be called Ugly.  

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Does society value women?

I will probably make a lot of people mad and you know what I don’t care. I need to tell my truth. I was once in the military and while I was serving I was injured. It was a hip injury. While I sustained other injuries while in the military this one would come back and haunt me.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs how I was sometimes treated as a female in the military always having to prove I belonged there. It is really a small difference working in the civilian world. Society does not tell you, that they hate for a woman to become pregnant if she works. They don’t tell you, how a woman will wait to the very last minute to tell her employer that she is pregnant because she knows there is a strong chance she might not get the raise,or the promotion, or perhaps even get hired.

What they tell you is,you must have this baby. Because in societies mind only promiscuous women get pregnant and need an abortion. That is far from the truth. As I mentioned before I was once in the military (security forces) and I sustained a hip injury. Fast forward 10 years and for the first time ever I am pregnant. I am excited. But that excitement did not last. Despite having a degree and military experience I could not find a great job, but I did have a job as a cashier at a warehouse.

We were required to lift heavy bulky items, there were no exceptions if you where pregnant. The problems first started when I was about 3 months pregnant and my body started really changing to accommodate the baby. The change created so much pain in my hip I could not stand longer than 10 minutes at a time. I was forced on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My hospital filed the wrong codes therefore the insurance company did not want to pay the hospital. This in turn made my Dr not want to fill out my paperwork so I could get short term disability at work.

This went on for about 4 months. I was spending all my savings. I’m stressing out which I don’t need to do because I am already high risk pregnancy . Even after explaining what happened it took another month to finally “fix” the error. I never wanted to go through that again. Once my baby came I immediately had a tubal ligation which failed 3 years later. And no my insurance company did not want to cover the pregnancy because they were aware that I had had a tubal ligation and they thought this was some form of insurance fraud. Yes I did have that baby. I was placed on bed rest with her as well. And yes if you are wondering I do love my little girl. The point of my story is this. All forms of birth control does not work. I had to jump through hoops when it came to my insurance when it came to me getting a tubal ligation. You see it is considered an elective surgery. I did not know that at the time.

I still do not work now. My hip did not go back to the way it was. If I sit the wrong way, lay the wrong way, stand up to long, I will not be able to walk for a while and if I do the pain is unbearable. But that is neither here nor there. The point of my story is for those people that like to look down on women who accidentally get pregnant. I’m just here to say, It can happen. That does not mean she is promiscuous. And that society treats pregnant women different and not in a good way.

One other quick thing. Most women know of a man that was promoted despite him deserving it simply because he is a man. Its funny how if a man’s wife haves a baby he ask for a raise to take care of his family. He is often given this raise to take care of his family. While on the other hand a women is overlooked, and underpaid because she is now a mother.

Ok I am through with my rambling.

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What does a monster look like?

We need to believe that a monster is ugly on the outside. Never mind the fact that a person can not often choose the way they look. Yet somehow we believe that an ugly person, can easily be a killer. Ever wonder why? It is hard to believe that a monster could be sleeping in the bed with you. It is hard to believe that you raised a a monster. It is hard to believe that you married a monster. It is hard to believe because they look like everyday people. The monster can look like you. Yet surly you’re not a monster are you? A monster can not look like you.

The need to believe that monsters can not look like you it what makes it so easy to believe any bad thing you hear about any other ( monster) race. In all fairness there is no one superior race. We all do good and bad things. People don’t be so easily manipulated by fear.

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Not living by the rules.

"To be taken with love for a soul, God does not look on its greatness, but on the greatness of its humility."~St. John of the Cross

Just a thought. Why is it that the Nuns and Priest who want to force a particular concept on people are the same people not living by this concept. I will not claim to have read all of the bible, but I have looked for the part that states that a man should remain without sex to be closer to God. I have not found it anywhere.  Where does it come from and why do many priest not follow that rule FOR REAL. These are the people who do not believe in birth control. Probably because they are constantly sleeping with other men or molesting young boys and girls while still professing  their love of God. Hence no need for birth control.

Then there is the nuns which are often described as mean and abusive,not all of them. But do we really no what they are doing when no one else is around. We assume they are doing the right thing. Yet I am sure we made the same assumption about the priest.

Theses are people who are suppose to worship and love God but they have only shown they worship God when we see them and  just maybe they worship lust when the door are closed. Why are we following the rules/laws of people who only follow them when we see them.

Some Christians say they hate abortions so they tend to lean right. Make know mistake I do not believe that when a woman decides to have an abortion it is an easy choice. Most likely harder than making a decision to molest a child over and over and over again. No these two things are not the the same. But often one is forgiving while the other is frowned upon so much so that the woman is commended to hell.

What I do know about the bible is God gave us ten commandments and not just one. And the same people that only remember one are the same ones who think it is ok to kill someone for stand your ground or whatever reason they can justify in their head when a person on color, black or brown is killed. This could be for something as simple as getting a wallet out of your pocket (dead) walking home at night(dead) music to loud (dead)The Amateur Writer: Ten Commandments Printable

This does not say Christians to me, instead it says I can pick and choose which command makes me feel good never mind the rest. Please tell me what you think and where I got things wrong. Better yet someone explain to me the celibacy thing with priest and nuns.

Now we should make a statue of him.

I know some of you are reading the title of this blog and maybe in complete outrage that I would suggest that perhaps we should now make a statute of this man. After all he has been convicted of sexual assault. But he has done so much for the black community. He is a part of my heritage. I know that he possibly could have raped 60 women, but he did so many great things for black people. Please build a statue of  him and put it near a sexually assault building , or at least name a school after him or  great college where all these women he assaulted can remember him and all the great things he did to for heritage.

In case any of you have not figured out ALL of the above is sarcasm,yet these or the words used by people who can justify the need to have the rebel flag and the confederate statues that are placed around this country. Imagine, if you can for a moment if we made statues of Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, or Adolf Hitler and placed them in places where the people were the victims of their crimes.

Think about it. I mean Harvey Weinstein made many great movies,Bill Cosby was “America’s father, and Hitler was elected as president. These three men in their own way I am sure did some great things. But it is not what people remember about them. We remember the bad.

Now if can for a moment think about how you would feel IF statues where made and erected of these people and placed in places where their victims often gathered or lived. Imagine if you can for one moment seeing the man that killed your entire family statue ,placed in the city square where you lived. And in that same square they renamed the park after him and made a holiday just for him.Imagine if you can a school named after the man that raped you. Imagine a place that has a parade for the man that molested and raped you.

This is what black people feel about the people that what the statues to stay up. And the argument is: “they fought for our rights, they are a part of my heritage, we can’t forget our past.”

But last I checked, and make no mistake I could be wrong, there are no statutes of Adolf Hitler. Nor are their school named after him. Nor roads being named after him. Nor holidays dedicated to him.

All I am trying to say is this, the confederate statues remind black people of the times when their families where torn apart and sold, the women and yes some men where raped, they were forced to live like animals and treated worst. Basically blacks were treated less than second class citizens.

Would you want a reminder via statues, road, schools, holidays, are any other way to celebrate a person that made you a victim displayed anywhere?

I am up for different points of views so please comment. Agree or disagree