I danced alone

I danced alone because I wanted to

I wanted to enjoy my company

I wanted to feel new

Like the first toy I ever got

I felt special, alone with my thoughts

Ooh it was amazing dancing with myself

The joy coming from within and nobody else

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Reflection of love

I like that when I kiss you

You are eager to kiss me back

I reach for you

You grab my my hand and pull me closer

If I get cold

You’re already laying your coat on my shoulders

If I have a thought

You are already doing it before I say it out loud

It’s like looking in a mirror

And seeing reflections of love

True, honest, pure,feelings

Moving simultaneous like hand and glove

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Thank you mom

I came into this world,probably screaming and crying

I’m sure I bought her lots of pain,perhaps she felt like she was dying

Yet she held me close,fed me, and made sure I felt love

Played softball ball me, even when we couldn’t afford gloves

She helped me with my homework,stayed up late when I was sick

Her days long, and nights naps where short and quick

From the first day of kindergarten,to graduation of the twelfth grade

I think of you now,and thank you for all the sacrifices you made

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Still Standing

The old trailer down the road

sits on an abandon lot

The windows are broken, the grass

over grown,a house people forgot

It use be a big beautiful mansion

that was built next to the trailer’s land

So pretty was it, glorious to look at

surly a house for a rich man

Yet a storm came through, bringing

lightning and thunder as if on command

And swept the mansion away as for

the trailer,well it still stands

You are stronger than think you are.

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Embrace me my love

Embrace me my love

hold me so close I

can feel your heart


Embrace me my love

whisper soft words

so I can fell our souls


Embrace me my love

I want to feel

your beautiful skin next to


Embrace me my love

love more everyday

until the end of


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