Sam I ain’t

I want spend

$38,000 on a Fendi purse

Just to prove to you

how much I am worth

I refuse to buy Gucci shoes

for 4000 a pair

For the simple reason

I do not care

I do not care what you think

about the clothes that I wear

I do not care for trends

that only last for a season

I may be cheap,I may be

frugal,stingy,all the above

I realize I have nothing to

prove to the people I love

I am many things,crazy, silly

, short , yet definitely not a saint

But Sam my dear, Sam I ain’t


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Embrace me my love

Embrace me my love

hold me so close I

can feel your heart


Embrace me my love

whisper soft words

so I can fell our souls


Embrace me my love

I want to feel

your beautiful skin next to


Embrace me my love

love more everyday

until the end of


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The Pink Sock

There I was

washing my

load of whites

I sorted through

all clothes and saw

no colors in site


I filled the

machine with water

all the way to the top

I poured in the

cleaner then the bleach

and closed the slot


I heard the swish

and humming of clothes

becoming clean

Then I opened the

lid and was not happy

with what I had seen


OOOh no my white

no longer

a light stark color

Instead pales shades of

pink is what I discovered


I found the culprit

at the bottom

of the lot

Probably laughing

at me, I

found my lost pink sock



For the record the sock was supposed to be red

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