She was not sad

No she was just there

Moving through life

Living life,but not feel the fresh air

Life was stale,mundane

Without any essence,surly she was going insane

She knew he was out there

Out there somewhere

Not a man willing to die for her

But somebody to love forever with her.

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Run to me

The plane has finally landed

My heart is pounding

I can barely control my breath

The need to see is so strong

I’m fighting for control

I can feel you moving closer

But I don’t see you, yet

And then

Just when

I feel like I might

Explode from anticipating

There I see you

God, I need you

It’s been so long

Now that you see me

I need you to

Please run, don’t walk

But, Run to me

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For years everyday they played

No matter how different, their friendship couldn’t be swayed

When coloring, they colored each other the same

Happy to call each other by the same last names

playing with dolls,

The next day with cars

It was a love so pure, yet they knew needed to be hidden

Because it was a time their love would be forbidden

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