The 4th of July

Today we celebrate our independence

Freedom no

Can you be you where ever you go

Here in America

We have kids locked in cages

People young and old know tyranny starts in slow stages

It’s the subtle changes we see

And we think it only effect them not me

But now we have tanks lining the streets

God watch over us,our souls you keep

I think people will be surprised

Right now they are walking around hypnotized

Blinded by hate,yet still pretending to celebrate

Really are we so different from any dictator at all

Once we go so far how long will it take us to fall

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I’ve noticed that….

I have read quite a few great blogs and I came across one that made me ask this question to myself and to America. Lifesfinewhine.wordpress with PoojaG recently answered 73 questions in a kinda of magazine style homage,it was awesome. Anyways,one of her answers got me to thinking: PoojaG stated that her nationality is Kenyan.

I know you maybe wondering what am I getting at. Race and nationality are not the same thing, however it made me wonder. Do people in other countries have to identify what race they are? I mean when I was stationed overseas I was normally only identified as an American. Yet when I came back to America I am quickly reminded that I am an African-American, though I am not from Africa.

It’s like being given a label to make sure I stay in the right level on the shelf. Why is there a need to break down to the race of a person? I often wonder why that question is on every application you ever fill out. Of course they tell you that it is not important but they want to know. Okay people my question is are any of you ask about your race often? Or is it more about your nationality? Does it even matter? Because what race you are over here in America is important. They say it ain’t,yet they ask on everything.

Okay so I am through with my rambling. People feel free to chime in. I would love to know how your race or nationality has affected your life.

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This is who we are.

Everyday I hear people saying, ” This is not who we are. “

What are we? What are we America?

We are the country that fought a war to keep slaves

We are the country that Japanese Americans in interment camps because we were afraid they might change their loyalty during World War II

Millions of Native American were killed in the name of civilization

America was founded on violence,hate,and bigotry. We believe it is okay to keep children in caves and deny them basic human needs because they aren’t the right color. They want say that. They will simply say that their parents broke the rules. Imagine if your children were punished because you broke the rules.

People stop saying this is not who we are, no we bad. Just not Hitler bad. Does not mean we are great. I know it could be worse or if could be much better. Someday you may be the person or the people America decided not to like. When you don’t acknowledge the past you shall repeat it.

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