Is business WordPress worth the cost?

People I have not been using wordpress for that long, and I keep getting emails from them encouraging me to upgrade to business. I know that wordpress is a business and that they are just trying to make money. I get that.What I want to know do any of you regret starting off with a business plan. I would like some honest input here.

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How hard is it to borrow a million dollars?

The reason that I ask this question is because our President tells of real estate origin story of how was able to borrow a “small loan” of a million dollars. People I have great credit and I still have not been able to borrow less than half of that. Hell I even get the side eye of I apply for in store credit cards. I know that good credit alone does not allow me the chance to borrow millions of dollars. I think if I was given the chance to borrow even half of that ” small million, ” dollars there is a possibility that I too could be a millionaire.

What I see though is that money comes from money. Yes there are self made millionaires. And there are millions of people just like us. Who where never given the ” small loan, ” of a million dollars to make it. No I am not saying that everyone wants someone to give them everything. But we want to be given a chance. Yes there are some people that are given money and they blow through it like the wind. Sometime we try so hard and we get nowhere. How out of touch can you be with reality if you think you can go to a bank or just ask your dad for a small loan of a million dollars can you be?

Think about this: how far would you have made it. Wouldn’t it be interesting if we all started out on equal grounds?

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To the street peddler on Bourbon Street

Walking down on Bourbon Street

I heard the voice of a street peddler

Made my heart weep

I could not take another step

Without giving him compensation

For the tears I had wept

I searched in my pockets for any coin

or dollars with no such luck

Truthfully I felt like money

simply not enough

So this poem,though not much

is dedicated to you

Thank you street peddler for

singing a song so true.

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Does society value women?

I will probably make a lot of people mad and you know what I don’t care. I need to tell my truth. I was once in the military and while I was serving I was injured. It was a hip injury. While I sustained other injuries while in the military this one would come back and haunt me.

I’ve mentioned in past blogs how I was sometimes treated as a female in the military always having to prove I belonged there. It is really a small difference working in the civilian world. Society does not tell you, that they hate for a woman to become pregnant if she works. They don’t tell you, how a woman will wait to the very last minute to tell her employer that she is pregnant because she knows there is a strong chance she might not get the raise,or the promotion, or perhaps even get hired.

What they tell you is,you must have this baby. Because in societies mind only promiscuous women get pregnant and need an abortion. That is far from the truth. As I mentioned before I was once in the military (security forces) and I sustained a hip injury. Fast forward 10 years and for the first time ever I am pregnant. I am excited. But that excitement did not last. Despite having a degree and military experience I could not find a great job, but I did have a job as a cashier at a warehouse.

We were required to lift heavy bulky items, there were no exceptions if you where pregnant. The problems first started when I was about 3 months pregnant and my body started really changing to accommodate the baby. The change created so much pain in my hip I could not stand longer than 10 minutes at a time. I was forced on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. My hospital filed the wrong codes therefore the insurance company did not want to pay the hospital. This in turn made my Dr not want to fill out my paperwork so I could get short term disability at work.

This went on for about 4 months. I was spending all my savings. I’m stressing out which I don’t need to do because I am already high risk pregnancy . Even after explaining what happened it took another month to finally “fix” the error. I never wanted to go through that again. Once my baby came I immediately had a tubal ligation which failed 3 years later. And no my insurance company did not want to cover the pregnancy because they were aware that I had had a tubal ligation and they thought this was some form of insurance fraud. Yes I did have that baby. I was placed on bed rest with her as well. And yes if you are wondering I do love my little girl. The point of my story is this. All forms of birth control does not work. I had to jump through hoops when it came to my insurance when it came to me getting a tubal ligation. You see it is considered an elective surgery. I did not know that at the time.

I still do not work now. My hip did not go back to the way it was. If I sit the wrong way, lay the wrong way, stand up to long, I will not be able to walk for a while and if I do the pain is unbearable. But that is neither here nor there. The point of my story is for those people that like to look down on women who accidentally get pregnant. I’m just here to say, It can happen. That does not mean she is promiscuous. And that society treats pregnant women different and not in a good way.

One other quick thing. Most women know of a man that was promoted despite him deserving it simply because he is a man. Its funny how if a man’s wife haves a baby he ask for a raise to take care of his family. He is often given this raise to take care of his family. While on the other hand a women is overlooked, and underpaid because she is now a mother.

Ok I am through with my rambling.

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Why is financial management not taught in school?

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I know I write a lot of poetry, but I am more than just a one dimensional person. I do a lot of things, as I am sure many of you do. Therefore I dare to pause from writing poetry to ask the question above. I mean think about it. When you get out of high school or college you are expected to go out into the real world and just know about money and paying bills and establishing credit. Yet at no time were your ever given classes on real world money or life.

I know some of you are thinking we can learn money management at home. If that’s the case one would argue you can learn about drugs and sex at home. Yet we learn both at school. School teaches us about sex education (abstinence) and Say no to drugs. But not one ,not one class teaches us about trying to make a living off of minimum wage. We are told education is important. What we are not told is that, not everyone needs a college degree. We are not told that college is very expensive and you may not get a job as soon as you get out of college, and you still have to pay for that degree even if you never use it.

Okay I am going on a little more than I wanted to about college and tuition. That is another post later.

My question to you is : Do you think financial management should be required in high school?

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Coming apart

How can we say as a nation

that we are united

When politicians and the news

ensures that we stay divided

They find our fears and amplify

them for their own gains

And for what, the purpose of

ratings,likes, we are slowly going insane

We are at our worst, though some will

say we where never that great from the start

We are divided,we hate each other

for greed and ratings we are coming apart

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Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

Whatta they got,that I ain’t got? Learning!

For the past few days the news media has ran rampant over the “Varsity Blues,” scandal. This scandal is where rich or shall I say wealthy parents pay large sums of money to ensure that their child would be admitted to these “great on the resume and great clothing to show off” schools by any means necessary. I wonder did they even care if the children learn anything, or that despite the fact that these children already had everything going for them why did the parents feel the need to add Harvard to their already A+ life. I mean an A+ is already a home run.

Yet believe it or not I am not going to go on about these parents and their need to ensure they could later brag about their child getting into Harvard or Yale or whatever college could put them in the “My child graduated from Yale,” category. Instead I ask this, what is so great about these colleges that other colleges do not have? If the curriculum is harder, or tougher, then perhaps the other colleges out there need to step up their game. They need to find out why so many student want to attend the “Ivy league colleges,”

Undoubtedly more colleges need to show of there most elite alumni so that potential and future students will know that even non Ivy League colleges produce great ceos,vice presidents, and presidents. If all colleges are not equal, then the sub par colleges need to hire better professors and stop asking for more tuition if you are not hiring the best.

I do know this, nothing stays on top forever. It may take while to fall, but it will happen. I say that last part to say this…..Yale,Harvard,Stanford,Wake Forest will someday be the Myspace of colleges. All the other colleges have to do is step up their game.

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One other thought. The price of college is always guaranteed to go up,why can’t they guarantee a job. Just a thought

Can you love someones’ music and not like them

I will start this blog off saying “Sorry mom, I know you love R. Kelly.” And I love my mom. I think if my mom did a lot of horrible things I would still love her, becasue she is my mom. Glad she has never done many horrible things to put my love to the test. But R. Kelly has.

In high school I remember listening to R. Kelly music. Later as I started a career in the Air Force I would dance to his music at the NCO clubs and perhaps any party that I attended. R. Kelly has awesome music. That does not mean he is a great person. My mom can not seem to differentiate between the two. In her mind everyone else is lying on R.Kelly. Despite me pointing out that “Just becasue you make good music does not mean you are a good person.” I explain that that the two are not mutual exclusive she does not care.

I watched that interview with Gail King. She did an awesome job. I also watched R.Kelly get so emotional he was borderline psycho. If you have ever been in an abusive relationship you know this is where it starts. The pounding of the fist to get a point across, the out of control sobbing, the “I’m the victim,” look. He wanted you to feel sorry for him. And in his mind he probably thinks he has done nothing wrong. Or if he did they deserved it, or it is not as bad as everybody is saying it is. Yet he showed you who he is right there.

Now to play devil’s advocate. If people are aware of the things that R.Kelly did and do not want the radio to play is music. How is that any different than acknowledging his sins and not acknowledging how wrong displaying confederate statutes anywhere is. The soldiers of the confederate where not patriots. They fought against what is right. We know that slavery was wrong. Just like we know what R. Kelly did was and is wrong. I know some of you are thinking that’s as different as apples and oranges. Is it though.

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Week 6 Challenge: Do not believe a lie because it sounds good

The need to believe a lie can be strong especially during trying times. When everything is falling apart, when the sun has not shone for years,the winter is cold, there is no job on the horizon, the bills need to be paid, when he keeps coming home late, it is hard not to believe a lie because we need to believe.

You know that feeling you get after you get the call about a job and you go in and give that great interview and they tell you that they are going to call you and they never do. Don’t you wish they would say right there on the spot, “No I think we can find someone better.” than letting you walk out of that interview thinking you got a job. Leading you on with a false smile (a lie)

This happens in relationships everyday, we believe our partner when they say they are going to try to do better. “I want do that again,” and they do it again and again always saying that they try.

If nothing else rings true to you in this blog remember this , actions speak louder than words. Anyone can promise you a good life everyday, but what are they doing to make it happen except saying the words.

What have you been lied to about and you believed everyday? My ex promised everyday that he would try to stop drinking. He realized as long as he said the words he didn’t have to stop. Don’t be like me.

May you learn to believe the truth

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Total Recall=Money in the trash

People this post is really just for me to get this anger off my chest so I can say I put my two cent in or that I did say something to everybody and nobody at the same time. But here goes. Over the last year I honestly can not tell you how many food, dog included we have had recalled. I mean don’t get me wrong I know the FDA is suppose to be looking out for our safety, I think I just need someone to direct my anger to. What I am getting at is this:I spend all this money on food and then the News Broadcasters tell me to just throw it in the trash. Just like that. I mean I don’t want to get sick but after throwing away almost five to ten items a week it starts getting expensive. Why can’t I take it back to the store and get a refund. Maybe ,just maybe if we start bringing in enough bad food and demanding a refund stores will stop selling us this toxic stuff to begin with. Lets start it now #refundonrecalledfood. Okay I’m through venting. Anybody notice this problem. I’m just saying

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