Poems on Sunday

Only God knows

Only God knows

That I prayed everyday for us to make it

That I tried all the time until I could not fake it

Only God knows

How I stayed up late at night waiting for you to come home

And that even when you where with me,I still felt all alone

Only God knows

I was sad and yet somehow happy when we where finally through

I celebrate the good and bad,God knows I’m finally over you

Ten word poem Tuesday


Attack then leave

Attack then leave

Play dumb

Start again

This will only make sense to you if you ever dated a narcissist

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Poems on Sunday

At least

At least you knew where we stood

I always tried to make it work when I could

I gave it my all, practically everything I had

But no matter what I did, it always made you mad

I think I loved you more than you deserved

It want happen again, on that you have my word

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Poems on Sunday


Dismissed, released

Sadly let go

I wonder will you

Still speak to me

Are pretend I’m

Someone you don’t know

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bitter but not sweet

I know you moved on

And I’d like to say that’s great

But I’m petty and insecure

I hope you catch up with some bad fate

You where such a big cheat

I celebrate you moving on

It’s bitter but not sweet

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Man just go

I’m tired of the fighting

It’s not getting us anywhere

The breaking up and making up

Is making me pull out my hair

Go for a pack of cigarettes,and close the door

Walk out, leave,anything, man just go

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